Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mixing It Up

Learning is a Drug and I must say that I am addicted.  Some get a rush or a high from drugs, adrenaline, art, or travel but for me its Learning.  I get a rush from Learning something new and I love it. 

I started writing this blog over a year ago and I have Learned a ton.  After writing 130 posts or so it is time for a slight change.  When I started this blog I planned to write about whatever I was Learning at the time.  This sounds good in theory.  The problem is I'm pretty random so therefore my Learning is random which means my writing is random. 

I have Learned that successful magazines, radio stations, and channels on TV have a target audience.  This is why you will find similar topics and articles in your favorite magazine and similar songs and shows on your favorite radio and TV stations.  The same is true for blogs.  The most popular and successful blogs have a laser focus on a particular field, which is what I am going to attempt.

I will no longer be writing on  I've launched my new blog Learn. Live. Lead.  The focus will be threefold:

1.  Learn.  As a teacher, learner, addict, and assistant principal, learning will always be a major part of my life.  These posts will primarily be about the learning process.  It will be for educators, spouses, parents, and anyone else that is interested in the process of learning.

2.  Live.  I don't know about you but I love life.  These posts will be about living life to the fullest and some will be about my personal life and experiences.  Because I live for Christ, many posts will be Christian in nature.  These posts will be for anyone that is alive.

3.  Lead.  Many posts will be on the topic of leadership.  Leadership is not about a title but about leading people (employees, families, friends, students, etc...).  These posts will be focused on ways to take people from where they are to where they want to be.

Thank you again for reading my blog.  Check out my new one at: