Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make Staff Meetings Fun

How do you improve staff meetings and even make them fun?  Here are 3 necessary ingredients.

Change of Environment
Respect of Time

Let me give you an example of a fun all school faculty meeting.

As people entered there was a sign at the door transforming a library into a lounge and a "bouncer" checking IDs (name badges). The lights were down low, candles on the tables, and music playing in the background. To the left there was an "open bar" with mixed non alcoholic beverages being served along with meatballs, lil' smokies, bubble gum cigars, and other snacks. (creativity!)

The meeting began with the leader asking for people to share good things with the group. Applause was given after each person shared. The leader proceeded to follow the agenda verbatim pausing briefly for questions. People were honored and recognized and there was also a time of acknowledgment of hard-times and stressful situations. This acknowledgment of stresses was general enough as to not embarrass, yet specific enough for everyone to feel heard and appreciated.

After about 15 minutes the meeting came to a close (respectful of time). The overhead lights were completely turned off, music turned up, and the non alcoholic beverages were served. The library had a relaxing feel as that of a lounge (change of environment). People stayed for an extra 30 minutes or so to mingle and catch up while the leaders were serving snacks or talking to people. What a great meeting!

This meeting was surprising, exciting, and an interesting twist in the day while most meetings are mundane and simply not fun. As soon as you walk in the door it has the expectation of every other boring meeting.  If you can't change your location then you need to change the feel of the environment.

If you want people to enjoy coming to meetings then you must make them enjoyable. How are you going to lead your next meeting?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Giving in to Twemptation

I did it. I tried it. I liked it.

I learned how to use twitter.

I never thought I would be "one of those" but it turns out I am. After about a week, I learned that there is so much more to Twitter than giving the world a play by play of your daily life. I am quickly finding out that Twitter (and social networking in general) is about connecting with people.

I have learned so much from people like Scott Williams, Seth Godin, Don Miller, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, etc, all because they use Twitter and social networking. I have also shared the things that I have learned with my community and the people close to me.

If you are reading this then you are already interested in social networking of some sort. However, are you using it for pure enjoyment or for education? For building a fake farm or positively connecting with people? For giving a personal play by play or for sharing your life and thoughts?

Social Networking is here to stay. What are you doing with it?