Friday, September 24, 2010


One of the things that successful people have in common is that they are passionate about what they do.  The best parents, teachers, Realtors, leaders, pastors, artists, athletes, accountants, doctors, lawyers, Wal-Mart greeters, cab drivers, soldiers, police officers, firemen, etc... have a burning passion.

It is important to note that passion is only an ingredient and alone does not equal success.  Political candidate and You-Tube sensation Phil Davidson is overflowing with passion.  (Phil Davidson video)  I do not know him but could guess that he is good at what he does.  Unfortunately, he may not be elected and has been made fun of because his passion is lacking a few key components. 

Your passion should be attractive.  Others should be attracted to you because you are passionate.  Your passion should not make people laugh at you or turn people off.  People should be able to respect you for giving your life to your passion.  Don't get me wrong, people don't have to join you in your passion but desire to develop their own.

Your passion should be focused.  There is no such thing as scattered passion.  It is very difficult to be passionate about multiple things.  Sure you can like a lot of things but you can really only dedicate your life to one or two at a time.  Think of passion as a laser rather than a light bulb. Like the light atop the Luxor Hotel in Vegas.

Your passion should be communicable.  You should be able to tell people what your passion is in a minute or less.  Sure you could bore people to death by talking about it forever, but you want to leave people curious and asking questions rather than waiting for you to be quiet.  Focus on the What, Why, and How.

These are just a few of the many ingredients but they will get you started. 

What are you passionate about? Is it attractive, focused, and communicable?


  1. funny that you say someone should be focused, because i do agree. however, i think i'm one of those people that all too often focuses on several things at once. I'm passionate about 3 main things:
    1. photography
    2. writing
    3. helping to develop other women spiritually

    I have a relatively rounded life right? ...that is until i realize that i also love cooking, blogging, reading, crafts, sewing, interior design, traveling, my book club...the list goes on. Well, I guess I needed to see this blog!

  2. I definitely know what you mean. I thought I was passionate about a lot of things but I had to find the common denominator. For example, my passion for blogging stems back to my passion for education. Blogging is a way for me to teach.

    You can read, blog, write, etc. in order to help women develop spiritually. Some of your "side passions" can be tools for your "BIG PASSIONS".

    At least that's what I'm learning about myself.