Sunday, January 2, 2011

Emotional Bank Account

Everyone has an emotional bank account. 

Every time you say or do something positive for someone you make a deposit.  A compliment, words of encouragement, thank you card, act of service, and the like are all examples of making a deposit into someones emotional bank account.

However, when you say or do something negative you make a withdraw from their emotional bank account.  When you speak harshly, use sarcasm, make rude comments, gossip, lie, or hurt someone in any way that would be a withdraw. 

In life, withdraws will happen.  You are going to have to speak the truth in love or make a tough decision that may hurt someone's feelings.  The important thing is that you have made enough deposits that the inevitable withdraws don't cause emotional bankruptcy for someone.

In 2011 I challenge you to enrich the lives of your family, friends, students, coworkers, and even strangers by making numerous deposits in their emotional bank accounts.  You can make people rich without spending a dime!

(Emotional Bank Account concept by Steven Covey)

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