Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 Moments of 2010

2010 is nearly over and a new year is upon us.  January 1 will bring New Year's Resolutions and goal setting.  Lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, and get out of debt are always the most popular. (Here is a great resource for for breaking bad habits.)  I'm a huge fan of setting goals and believe they are necessary for success but I think there is something that you should do first. 

As we begin a new year don't forget to pause and reflect on the last year of your life.

What were your favorite moments?
What challenges did you face?
What changes did you make?
Who did you meet?
What did you learn?
Where did you go?

Answer these questions and remember the moments that changed you and shaped you over the past year.  As you write these down I think it's fun to rank them.  My wife and I started a tradition a few years ago and we create a Top Ten List at the end of each year.  We individually create our own personal list of about 20 memories on our own time and come together to create a Top Ten List as a family.

As you do this 1 of 2 things will happen:

1.  You will look back and be thankful for all that God has done in your life.  You will remember all of the blessings and challenges that you faced and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead in 2011. 

2.  You will look back and not be able to remember much.  Not because your memory is bad but because you spent too much time working, watching TV, and Facebooking that you didn't have time to meet new people, visit new places, experience new things, or make a difference in someone's life.  If this is you then begin to set goals so this doesn't happen again in 2011.

This is a great activity to do individually, with your spouse, or even with your whole family.  It is always interesting to see the favorite experiences of those that are close to you.

So before you set your goals and make your resolutions, take the time to remember the most important moments and create your own Top Ten of 2010.

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