Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Things

One day I will be a billionaire and be able to give away my favorite things to my friends and random people like Oprah does.  Until then, I'm going to simply make a list of my favorite things for you to put on your Christmas list so that someone else can buy it for you.

These 5 things have changed my life by making it easier, better, fuller, and more enjoyable.  The items are in random order.

1.  Sleep Number Bed - This is the ingenious idea where you can control how soft or firm your side of the bed is.  This is perfect for Katy and I because I like a hard mattress and she likes it super soft.  Soft or firm, it is by far the most comfortable bed and the bad thing is we have trouble getting out of it in the mornings!

2.  You're Beautiful Bracelet- My wife Katy has a passion for helping girls realize their true beauty.  We live in a world where the media defines beauty by looks and external appearance.  My wife and her assistants want girls to believe that they are beautiful because they are God's beautiful creation.  One way to spread this belief is by making bracelets that simply say YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL with the scripture Psalms 45:11 "The King is enthralled by your Beauty."  This bracelet serves as a daily reminder to girls of all ages that their true beauty is found in Christ and not in looks, style, weight, boys, their past or any other lies. Although I do not wear one myself, I love seeing people wear them and love observing the conversations that arise because of them.  

If you would like to purchase a You're Beautiful bracelet for yourself or a special girl in your life they are $5 and all of the proceeds go to support organizations that support true beauty.  I'm giving away 5 of them here on my blog.  Simply leave a comment below and you will be entered into a random drawing.  The drawing will be Sunday, December 26 @ 10pm.  If you're a winner I will contact you to get your information and you should have your bracelet before 2011. 

3.  iPhone - I hate to be that guy but I can honestly say my life is different because of the iPhone.  It is an iPod, phone, e-mail, GPS, gaming device, Facebook, Twitter, planner, Bible, notepad, newspaper, alarm, TV, and so much more all on one sleek piece of equipment.  Although I prefer the iPhone, I'm sure most smart phones do the same these days.

4.  Mission Trip - My wife and I spent 10 life changing days in Costa Rica this summer with Pine Cove's ONE:8 Trips.  We learned what it was like to be immersed into a completely different culture where we could not rely on our own strength.  It is something that totally changed our perspectives and we are forever different because of this experiences.  A mission trip doesn't have to be in a different country.  Spend some time out of your comfort zone and in another culture or sub-culture in your own city or state.  Volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or any other place where there are people in need is equally as challenging and rewarding.

Katy and I at a volcano in Costa Rica.

5. Visiting History - I realize that not everyone likes history as much as I do (former social studies teacher).  But there is something about being able to see the places that we read about and be in the setting of which epic stories took place.  I love the Star Spangled Banner but now even more so after visiting Fort McHenry in Baltimore where the famous battle took place that caused the song to be written.  I recommend Washington D.C. because basically all of the museums and monuments are free to explore.  Any place on the East Coast should be filled with history but you could visit a place in your city or state with some historical significance. 

Flag @ Fort McHenry in Baltimore
Again, I wish I could afford to buy all of you gifts or send you on trips so that your life could also be changed for the better.  Be on the lookout for my future post which is My Favorite Things: Free Edition.

Remember to comment below if you're interested in winning a YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL bracelet.

What are some of you're favorite things?


  1. Well I already know that I'm beautiful ;) Just remember this post during the next giveaway when you have made your billions. Maybe a hovercraft will be on your favorite things? Seriously though, if you can find someone else that could wear it then do it, otherwise I'm sure Kristen can give it to a girl!

  2. Consider it done Teddy. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I would love to share these bracelets with the website I've spoken with the founder of it a few times, and I bet she'd love to feature the bracelets on her website. Let me know if this is okay! -Laurie Tomlinson

  4. Brett, tell Katy and the girls, GREAT IDEA!! I would like to give it to a girl in my class! You know just like I do, that our teachers (or at least I am) are always trying to find ways to encourage, uplift, and add positive influences to young girls lives! I wish I could but one for every girl in my class!

  5. Brett,

    Great choices and the iphone allows your influence to be spread farther , faster and with less wasted time.I love the beautiful bracelets,reminding young ladies of their God -shaped uniqueness and beauty.The mission trip ... impressions that time will never erase.I too was most impressed with the short video followed by the curtain opening to reveal Old Glory while listening to the Marine Corps singing The Star Spangled Banner . The Glory of our nation is grown out of the blood of our martyrs.,,Praise Be to God.Keep up the good work.

    Poppa Stewey

  6. I love the bracelets, they're a great color too, like I posted on Facebook, I would like to order some:)