Sunday, May 1, 2011

Father Fiction

I recently finished a book by Donald Miller called Father Fiction:  Chapters For a Fatherless Generation.

I picked up the book because as an educator, I work with so many kids that do not know their dads.  Or if they do, they are in prison or live far away.  Although not what I expected, it is a fantastic book...especially for young men.

There are some things that you typically learn from your Father.  Small things like how to fish, tie a tie, or play a sport.  Big things like friends, work ethic, dating, sex, and integrity.  For the record, it is more than possible to learn all of these things from one's Mom, but for young men it is better to learn from Dad.

Miller learned all of these things later in life in his 20s.  However, he thought if he had a dad he would have learned them as a young teenager and been better prepared for the world.  This book is simply about how he learned these things.

Although I am very fortunate to know, be raised by, and learn from my Dad, I learned a lot from the book.  Comparing sex to inflation, choosing good friends or prison, and respecting authority to airplane traffic, Miller does an excellent job of creatively explaining tough topics and I have already shared many parts of it with other young men.

I highly recommend Father Fiction to any young men or anyone who lives or works with young men.

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