Monday, June 27, 2011

The Power of Keys

There is something powerful about keys.

I remember the excitement of buying a house or a car or getting a new job. You get excited when your offer is accepted, when the closing date is set, when the loan goes through, when the appraisal comes back, when you get the phone call, and when you sign your name thousands of times. But you never really feel like that car or that house or that job is yours until you have the key.

I recently resigned from one job and changed positions in another.  In doing so, I had to turn in my keys to my offices, all the classrooms, and to get into the building.  Although ready to move on, each time I was always reluctant to turn in my keys.  It's not that I needed those keys anymore, but there is something about keys that makes you feel important. 

The same is true when selling a house or a car.  You may be ready to move out or ready to get a new car but there is just something about physically giving up the key that says, "this house, car, office, classroom, school, ___________ is no longer under my control."

At the same time, there is something freeing about giving up your keys.  Its a great feeling when people call you for something and you can say, "Sorry, I don't have keys to that anymore."

Weird how responsibility, power, freedom, and so much more can come from a single key. 

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