Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Importance of Companions

I have been recently reminded of the importance of companions.  Here are 2 examples:

1.  My wife was out of town for a week, learning new things so that she can continue to excel as a leader of college students.  Not only did I miss her cooking and cleaning (I was reminded of how much she does that I don't even see) but I missed her voice, her conversation, and most of all her presence.  Sure we talked on the phone everyday, Facebooked, sent texts, etc... but there is no substitute for the real thing.  I just missed having my wife, my companion with me on a daily basis.

2.  I'm currently doing the exercise program Insanity.  If you have seen the infomercial or done it yourself you know that it really is Insane.  My Insanity partner is @ChadMcKamie and we are doing our best to make our schedules work for 60 Insane days.  Some days we can't make it happen and we have to do the workout alone, which makes it so much harder.  There is something about looking over and watching someone else struggle through the same thing with you that makes it easier, or at least more doable.  We are also able to encourage each other through words or actions as we go through this insane process.

Regardless of the context, I have found that nearly everything is better with a companion.  (This is crazy coming from a loaner, only child.)  The conversations, accountability, memories, stories, encouragement, and fun is at least double with someone to share them with.

Who are your companions?  In what areas of your life could you use one?

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