Monday, July 25, 2011

There Is No Place Like Home

Breckenridge, CO
At the beginning of the summer I was super excited about all of the traveling I was going to do.  Vacations, visiting friends & family, and conferences filled over half of the summer.  I enjoyed my time away and all of the learning, conversations, new experiences, and memories.  However, I must agree with Dorothy that there is no place like home!  

Here I am with one week left of the Summer before I head back to school (most people call it work).  I'm so thankful to have a Summer Break and I do cherish it.  And although there really is No place like home, sometimes it takes trips, vacations, conferences, and the land of Oz to realize it.

Remember Me?
Lazy River

Fence in Saledo, TX

Pine Cove in Tyler, TX

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