Sunday, June 13, 2010

Setting the Standard

My wife and I were in New York City for the day and one of the things I was really excited to do was get a hotdog from a street vendor.  I heard that they are supposed to be the best around and I had a lot to choose from as they are on every street corner.  Even though they are all the same I picked out a good vendor and got a New York hotdog with everything on it because I wanted to get the full effect.  To my dismay it wasn't all that special.  I also had a hotdog on the National Mall in DC that was better but still ordinary.  

It is weird to say but my standard for hotdogs is pretty high.  Nothing beats a Chicago Dog from Wrigley Field.  Great tasting meat with sauteed onions and peppers with a dill pickle spear.  Spectacular!  Best I have ever tasted.  So far, nothing has ever come close to the taste of a Chicago Dog.  When you have experienced the best nothing else compares.  

I'm not here to talk about hotdogs but about setting standards.  What sets the standards for you?  Or better yet, WHO?  Why do they set the standard?  What makes those people different from everyone else?  

What about you?  Do you set the standard?  What makes you different from everyone else?  In what ways can you begin to set the standard?

Be a Chicago Dog!  Set the Standard!

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