Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baseball & Steroids :(

I am a pretty big baseball fan and have been all my life.  I played organized baseball for about 15 years and it helped pay my way through college.  But to be quite honest, all of this steroid stuff is starting to turn me off.

I'm not even talking about the fact that a lot of players cheated because they took steroids.  Technically, there was not a rule against it so it wasn't actually cheating.  But now that there is a rule against performance enhancing drugs, they want to go back and see who was breaking the rules that didn't exist at the time.  This was a bad idea.  They should have just wiped the slate clean and started over.

To make matters worse, MLB commissioner Bud Selig didn't have the guts to enforce the new laws himself, so he got the U.S. Government involved.  This is wrong on so many levels but I'll list two.
1)  The U.S. Government should never waste time involving itself making decisions about professional sports. 
2)  The U.S. Government is dealing with a war, bad economy, social injustice, oil spills, and many other serious issues that don't involve grown men playing a game for entertainment.

There are issues in other sports all of the time.  Drugs, fights, scandals, arrests, dog fighting, etc...  What do those sports do with athletes that break laws?  They suspend them and fine them.  What does baseball do?  Calls the U.S. Government for backup.

I am reminded of this as Roger Clemens will so be on trial for lying to Congress about using steroids.  Now I can't say if he did or not.  All I know is Clemens never should have had to talk to Congress!!  Seriously people!!  It's baseball!!  Don't let him in the Hall of Fame.  Put a star by his name.  Ban him from baseball.  Don't get Congress involved!

I'm ranting.  I'll stop now.  I just hate it when the sport that I love is getting a bad name all because of bad leadership.  Time to retire Bud Selig.   

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