Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help Yourself

I don't get to travel as much as I would like, but I have been on airplanes enough to have their spiel memorized.  You know the seat belt, emergency exits, oxygen mask, no smoking, stay seated, seat-back and tray table speech.

I always found it interesting when the flight attendants tell you to secure your oxygen mask on yourself before attempting to help anyone else.

I have come to realize how important this way of thinking actually is.  It is so important to take care of myself so that I can take care of others.  Sure, I may save someone's life by helping them with their oxygen but if I don't put mine on first, it may be the last person I am able to help.

In the world of go, go, go that we live in it is always difficult to find time for you.  I'm not suggesting that we overindulge in self pampering or retail therapy.  I am saying that it is important to set aside time on a regular basis to make sure you are spiritually, physically, and mentally healthy.

Somewhere in your busy schedule is 30 minutes for you to exercise.  Maybe not every day but probably at least 3 days a week.   Ask a friend to join you and hold you accountable so both can stay physically healthy.

You can also find an hour on the weekend to attend church or participate in a Bible study.  With church online ( you can have a church experience any day of the week.

In order to stay mentally healthy your brain must be challenged.  This can be done by reading books, blogs, magazines, educational television, or participating in healthy conversations.  This can be as little as 15 minutes a day.

The reality is this.  You will not be able to take care of others if you do not take the time to take care of yourself.  Don't wait for an emergency to decide to start.

How do you take care of yourself?

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