Friday, May 28, 2010

My Time Is Up

The last day of school is a whirlwind of emotions.  Students and teachers alike are ready for summer break but going to miss seeing friends and coworkers.  I can honestly say I will miss all of my students, I just may not miss having them in class.  :)

As I was giving some famous last words to my seventh grade students it suddenly occurred to me that my time was up.  What I mean by that is I will not have the opportunity to positively impact those students and prepare them for the real world like I did this year.  Sure I will see them in the hallway and maybe coach them in Track or Basketball but for the most part my time is up.

It makes me stop and think.  Did I do my best?  I know they are prepared academically but what about socially? Will 8th grade teachers be able to tell that they had my class?  Are my students more or less respectful than others?  How can I do better next year with my allotted time?  What will they remember about me and my class?

Instead of counting down the days until summer we should be counting down the opportunities to teach and impact our students.  Once our time is up, students move to the next teacher on the assembly line to help shape, mold, and develop them into the final product of successful and respectful men and women.  Teachers, we have a new batch of students that need to be poured into, loved, valued, educated, and challenged.  Recharge those batteries this summer so that you can feel confident when your time is up.

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