Sunday, May 30, 2010

Twitter Changed My Life

Twitter is revolutionary...if you use it correctly.  Here are 6 ways Twitter has changed my life.

1.  I no longer watch the news or read the paper.  I get local and national updates before it goes on air or is published.  AND I get to choose which article or story I want and can read it anywhere, anytime.

2.  I learn more.  There are some very insightful blogs from some great leaders and very intelligent people.  I learn from @scottwilliams, @thisissethsblog, @donmilleris, @davidbusic, and @revrunwisdom on a daily basis.  Follow them on twitter and check out their blogs!

3.  I watch less TV.  Instead of getting sucked into addicting TV shows like Lost, American Idol, The Office, etc... I read.  It is something different everyday so it doesn't get old.

4.  I always have reading material in the bathroom.  I have any newspaper, magazine, and/or blog of my choice at my fingertips.  Public restroom?  No problem!

5.  It's quick.  Facebook is an amazing tool but it has the potential to be overwhelming.  Twitter is 140 characters or less and it is constantly flowing.  @scottwilliams describes Twitter as a river of fresh info rather than a lake of stagnant history.

6.  Twitter could save you money!  Cut out bills for newspaper, magazines, and cable because twitter has taken the place of all three!  This is nearly $100 saved each month.

These are some ways Twitter has revolutionized my life.  Set up an account today and see how it can change yours.

Learning is a drug...Get ADDICTED!

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