Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Be You

This summer I accepted the position of Assistant Principal at a new school.  Knowing that I was going to now be leading new people, in a new school, with new students, new culture, new rules, new everything; I wanted to make sure that I did everything right and got off to a good start.  So I asked for advice from a friend of mine that is experienced in making first impressions.  It went something like this: 

Me:  I know you have had the opportunity of going to churches and establishing yourself as a leader in a new culture with new people.  What advice can you give me as I attempt to make a good first impression with new people in a new culture?

Pastor Busic:  Just be YOU.  YOU are the person they hired because they thought YOU were the best man for the job.  If they would have wanted someone else they would have hired someone else but they chose YOU.  Just be YOU and YOU will do great!

Not what I expected to hear.  I was wanting him to give me a special formula for success but it was such good advice. 

Too often we try so hard to be like someone else to our friends, family, spouses, employers, etc... but in all reality if they wanted someone else they would not have chosen us.  Yes, we still strive for excellence in all that we do, but we do so in order to become stronger in who we are, not in who someone else is.

Scott Williams says it like this:  Do You!  It's a statement not a question.


  1. I agree. I think the same thing about God. If he wanted someone else to do the work wherever we are in life, He surely could have picked them, but he didn't! He picked us, so we must be the BEST option there is where we are doing what we do, because God always chooses the BEST!!! It blows my mind when I stop and think about. We are God's workmanship, and he doesn't make mistakes!!

  2. That is such a wonderful point and could be a separate blog post entirely! I think you should write about it. :)