Thursday, July 15, 2010

28 Things I Learned in Costa Rica

My wife and I just returned from a mission trip in the mountains Costa Rica.  We served at Camp Roblealto with 5 other families through Pine Cove ONE:8 Trips.  Here are a few of the many things that I learned.

1.  Volcanoes are indescribably beautiful.
2.  Daily rain makes everything greener.
3.  A smile is multilingual. 
4.  Beans and Rice are good at every meal when you're hungry.
5.  There is not a good way to take a cold shower.
6.  I'm so thankful for the plumbing and sewage system in the USA.
7.  A 5 year old boy is a 5 year old boy, no matter what country or culture.
8.  Justin Bieber is somehow a global icon.
9.  You can communicate a lot through hand gestures and body language.
10.  My way is the best way for me, but not others.
11.  God's grace is needed around the world.
12.  I have way to many clothes and shoes.
13.  Being wasteful is disrespectful.
14.  A handmade gift means more than a store-bought gift.
15.  You grow closer to the people that share your struggles.
16.  I rely on my plans too much and God's plans too little.
17.  Costa Rican coffee is delicious.
18.  It is better to experience the rainforest in the trees than on the ground.
19.  There is freedom in going a week without looking in the mirror.
20.  I need to learn how to do more with less rather than less with more.
21.  There are more important things that I should be doing than watching TV.
22.  Facebook is revolutionary!
23.  Kids can impact the lives of others just as well as adults.
24.  Religion keeps a lot of people from experiencing God.
25.  Singing praise songs in 2 languages is better than in one.
26.  Serving is a great way to break down cultural and language barriers.
27.  Saying hello is much easier than saying goodbye.
28.  God answers prayer in all languages and is active in all cultures.

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