Monday, July 19, 2010

Going Green

In 2010, its cool to be GreenGreen meaning that you reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Green meaning that you are considerate of the environment when making decisions. 

I have heard this thousands of times but I never really took it too seriously.  I have always liked the idea of going green, but to be honest I thought it was too much of a hassle and cost too much money.

After spending a week in the "Greenest" country in the world (Costa Rica), I now have a better idea of what going green means.  It means always using real plates, cups, & silverware (never disposable).  It means using any leftover, untouched food in the next meal or the next day.  It means taking colder showers so they don't last as long.  It means buying more locally grown food and supplies.  It means donating unwanted goods or clothing to families in need or any local charity or even selling them at garage sales.  It means not wasting water while you're brushing your teeth or shaving.  It means only flushing the toilet once each day (just kidding). 

Going green doesn't require you to buy a hybrid car or install solar panels and windmills in your home.  It doesn't mean bathing in rivers or being a vegan.  It doesn't mean that you have to spend more money on less stuff.  All of these things are good but sometimes these giant leaps by a few can scare off small steps by many.  Going green simply means being good stewards of the Earth that God allows us to live on.  Whatever you decide to do, I hope you will do your part to leave this Earth better than you found it. 

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