Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There is something in human nature about being first.  I realized this as I went outside to explore in the snow in attempt to help tame my cabin fever.  I only wanted to walk in the snow that people had yet to walk in.  I wanted to be the first one to explore in a particular patch of snow.  For a moment I pretended to be Lewis and Clark as I walked around the block in the untouched snow.

The same is true for most other areas of life.  It feels cool to be the first to eat at the new restaurant in town.  There is an odd sense of pride about being the first to discover the latest hot musician.  It feels cool to be the first to ___________.

In all of these cases being first is not about winning.  Being first is simply about being the first to experience something and for a moment being the only person to have that experience.  Or you can stay at home and watch the latest sitcoms and get sucked into the latest TV drama while you watch and read stories about other people exploring and discovering.

Get off the couch!  You were created to explore!

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