Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

As a young leader I definitely have a lot to learn.  There is one thing that I am realizing every leader deals with.  Among other responsibilities, it is the leader's job to make decisions and making those decisions is always harder than it looks.  Some decisions require a lot of thought while others have to be made in a split second.  Either way, you take all the information you have and make the best decision you can and move on.  Some people question you.  Some people support you.  You wish you could explain everything to everyone but you don't always have time.  Not to mention, it is difficult for people to understand if they are not in your position.  No one likes to hear that but often times its true.

Every leader deals with this.  Parents make decisions that kids will never understand.  You could take the time to explain it but most of the time kids won't understand until they are parents themselves.  Teachers make decisions that students don't understand, and they never will until they become teachers.  Principals make decisions that teachers don't understand, superintendents make decisions that principals don't understand, etc...  The same could be said for any employee and supervisor combination.

Decisions rarely make everyone happy and sometimes you have to agree to disagree.  The important thing is to keep that line of communication open to prevent assumptions from being made.  This way people will have the opportunity to see where you're coming from and at the very least be upset for the right reasons.  :) 

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