Tuesday, February 1, 2011

While You're Snowed In...

If you live in Oklahoma or anywhere in the Midwest you are deathly aware of the "blizzard" that is keeping most people home.  While this could frustrate people and cause some cabin fever there is one question that can change your perspective and keep you productive. 

Rather than watch the news of people driving around on the roads telling you to stay home ask yourself "What does this make possible?"
So I'm trapped in my home either alone or with my family,
What does this make possible?

Here is what this snow storm makes possible for me:
finish a book
write some blogs
do my taxes
watch a movie I've been wanting to see
create some new ringtones
organize my closet
spend some quality time with my wife

This snow storm can make possible for you:
write some thank you cards
write some encouraging notes
clean or organize your home
spend quality time with your family
get in touch with an old friend
put that photo album together
start a blog
finally create a Twitter account
exercise...there are plenty of exercise videos on iTunes and Youtube

What does being snowed in make possible for you?

1 comment:

  1. Great minds think a like!
    -play with the kiddo
    -rearrange the kitchen appliances
    -play some video games
    -finish a book
    -Netflix with the wife