Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life as a Principal

I love my job!

I am a middle school assistant principal.  It is safe to say that my job is never boring. 

On any given day I could be...

a judge making decisions regarding consequences for poor behavior.
a crime scene investigator, checking survilliance cameras.
a detective questioning witnesses and doing background checks.
a teacher covering a class if there is not a substitute.
a janitor cleaning up the cafeteria in between lunches.
a bouncer breaking up physical altercations.
a counselor mediating girl drama.
an instructional leader providing strategies to teachers...I wish I could do this more :(
a mentor helping students make better life decisions.
a coach giving kids pointers during lunch recess.

And all of this could happen before lunch! (except for the lunch recess one of course)

Of course, there are also things I don't like about my job but I think this is true for everyone and every job. You have to choose to focus on the good, invest in those around you, and keep showing up. 

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