Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Above & Beyond

I have a SPECTACULAR boss!  Do you?  Work is always better when working for someone you like and respect.  Whether we are working for a boss, playing for a coach, or studying for a teacher, most people are more productive for a supportive, encouraging, and respectful leader.  It could also be said that people who enjoy their profession perform better than those lacking occupational bliss.

The opposite is also true.  Most people do not work as hard for bosses, teachers, coaches, and leaders that they do not like or respect.  And those that do not enjoy their jobs typically do not perform as well as those that do.

These observations are far from revolutionary.  The vast majority, regardless of their profession know this to be true....which is the problem. 

Colossians 3:23 says "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Notice how it doesn't say "Work at it with all your heart, if you have a boss, teacher, coach, leader that you respect."  Nor does it say, "When doing a job that you enjoy, work with all your heart."  It could be said this way:  "Anytime you do anything, do it to the best of your ability as if it is a personal favor for Jesus."

As Christians, it doesn't matter how good or bad our boss is.  We work for the Lord.  It doesn't matter if we like or don't like our jobs.  Our work is for the Lord.  Lets be thankful we have jobs and do them to the best of our abilities until it is time to do something else.  Every job and occupation is a form of ministry if done for the right reasons and attitude.  Anytime we use our God given gifts and talents as working for the Lord, it is an act of worship.

As Christians it is up to you and I to be leaders that people want to follow and followers that people want to lead.  In order to do so we must go above and beyond in everything that we do, as though it is a personal act of service for Jesus.  Why?  Because it is.

Challenge:  Regardless of how you feel about your boss or job, it is easy to get into a routine and simply go through the motions.  It happens to everyone.  Put a note on your computer, sign on your desk, rubberband around your wrist, or anything to remind you that Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart, as though you are working for the Lord. 

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