Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feedback & Boogers

Everyone has boogers.  It is always discouraging when you are at work/a party/church/anywhere and you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror only to realize that you have a booger.  You immediately begin to wonder, "How long have I had this?" "Did anyone notice?" and "Why didn't anyone tell me I had a booger?"

Giving feedback is like telling someone they have a booger.  People usually don't like to give feedback unless it is positive because it may hurt someone's feelings and they are leery to ask for feedback for the same reasons.  The truth is, giving and receiving honest feedback is one of the most important tools for personal growth.  Here are a few reason why.

1.  Asking for feedback is a quick way to get better at anything.  Do you ever wonder how you are doing as a spouse, friend, sibling, son, daughter, parent, teacher, etc?  Just ask those that are close to you for some honest feedback and you will soon find out.  Most likely they will start with positive things as to not hurt your feelings but if they truly care for you they will tell you some ways that you can improve.  It is like asking "Do I have a booger?  Because I feel like I do and I want to look my best and having a booger will not let that happen." 

2.  Giving feedback shows you care.  Providing someone with ways they can improve is difficult because it can highlight faults.  However, as long as the feedback is given in a positive manner with the sole purpose of making the individual a better person it will be appreciated.  It is always appreciative to be around people that have the guts to say, "I know telling you that you have a booger is awkward but it would be so much worse for you if I just let you walk around with that thing in your nose all day long."  Have the courage to help some people out by giving feedback and they will appreciate you for it.  Remember, the entire world benefits when one person becomes better.

3.  Use feedback wisely.  Although most feedback is good, there are always those people that take it to the extreme.  They believe that pointing out faults at every opportunity is helpful.  ITS NOT!  Don't listen to or become one of these people.  In other words, don't go searching for boogers and be leery of those that do.  They probably lack social skills.

Challenge:  Find an appropriate time this week to ask for and give feedback.  You and/or someone else will become a better person.

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