Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Two Things People Avoid

There are two things that people consistently avoid:  Conflict and going to the Doctor.

It is interesting because conflict is a lot like going to the doctor.  People need it but they avoid it.  People usually only go to the doctor or address conflict when they just can't take the pain any longer.  Like getting a shot, addressing conflict may hurt at the time but it will make you better in the long run. 

People then leave the doctor's office or the conversation with the same thought.  "I wish I would have gone to the doctor/person sooner, so the pain never would have gotten this bad." 

Physically healthy people are proactive.  They exercise, eat healthy foods, and get annual checkups.  Staying healthy and in shape is easier than getting healthy/in shape.  Sure its hard to remain disciplined but once you experience the results, staying healthy is truly life changing.

The same is true with conflict.  Those that are the best at conflict resolution are proactive.  If something begins to bother them, they address it before things get worse.  Sure it is difficult to address conflict but once you experience the results, it is truly life changing.

Waiting until the conflict is unbearable before addressing it is like waiting for your cough/throat/head/back to get worse before you head to the doctor to get medicine.  It is easier but it hurts worse.

Challenge:  Be Pro-Active!  Preventing illness and preventing conflict are much easier and less painful than avoiding it.

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