Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do You Have It?

          There is something mysterious in the world today. Something elusive. Something desired yet undesirable. Something attainable yet unreachable. Do you know what it is?
          There is something available to everyone but possessed by only a few. Most believe it is negative but it couldn’t be more positive. Any guesses?
It takes extra time yet speeds things up. It takes extra work yet makes the work easier. It is difficult and enjoyable, unattractive and sexy. Is that your final answer? I'm sorry the correct answer is Discipline.
In schools and homes across America (and possibly the world) discipline is extremely underrated. Very few people have, show, practice, use, promote, or enjoy discipline. Most prefer to avoid, ignore, delegate, despise, and downplay discipline. But why?
Discipline helped Michael Phelps win 8 Olympic Gold medals. Discipline helped Michael Jordan make the high school team from which he was cut, only to become the greatest basketball player of all time. Discipline turns garage bands into headliners, bloggers into bestsellers, and privates into generals. Discipline helps people lose weight, stop smoking, and get into shape. Discipline can help protect nations, marriages, and bank accounts. Discipline helps people run businesses, classrooms, and marathons. Discipline is the difference between A and a B students, 1st and 2nd place, superior and excellent ratings. Discipline separates the good from the better, the walkers from the talkers, and the doers from the dreamers.

Do you have it?

If the common denominator for all of these great things is discipline, then why is it so rare?

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