Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why I Love Social Networking

Here are the top ten reasons why I like Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Networking.

10.   Social Networking makes me watch less TV.
9.  News can be spread quicker and you can choose the people/organizations you want to hear from.
8.  It's like having a bunch of Pen-Pals.
7.  You can be "friends" with famous and influential people.
6.  You can see how dozens of people are doing online in the same amount of time as it takes catch up with one person face-to-face.
5.  You can encourage or thank someone quicker than with a traditional card.  (still good practice)
4.  It is free and "green".
3.  It gives seasoned adults a desire to learn how to use computers.
2.  You can trash-talk your friends when your team defeats theirs. 
1.  You never forget birthdays and more people remember yours!!!

What do you like about Social Networking?

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