Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 10 Annoying Things about Facebook

Social Networking is pretty much  There are so many advantages to having a Facebook/Twitter account and there are even more forms of social networking that I haven't figured out yet.  Amidst the positives, there are a few annoying things about facebook/twitter.

10.  Viruses.  I hate it when you get a message from someone you trust only to figure out it is a scam.
9.  Farmville and the like.
8.  People that take up the news feed with their farmville stats.  Really?
7.  Negative People.  Mix in a positive comment every once in a while.
6.  Play by Play announcers of their life.
5.  People posting unapproved pictures of you.  Follow the golden rule here people.
4.  Gossipers.  If you wouldn't say it in person, don't post it.
3.  Drama. If you're mad at someone, tell them.  Don't make it your status update for all to see.
2.  Poke.  Who does this?  Why?
1.  The creator of Facebook (now 25) made 3 BILLION DOLLARS last year!  Annoying!

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